“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

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Giving Our Youth a Voice – Re-Imagining Education

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your host: Astrid Witt

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Listen to the recording of the interview I did today with Charles Kouns and David Loitz to find out more about their wonderful initiative “Imagining Learning” designed to giving teens a voice to create a new vision for learning. www.imagininglearning.us

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  • Are you a parent, an educator or simply unhappy with your life?
  • Are you constantly worrying about your child’s future?
  • Do you feel that “something” needs to change?
  • Are you wondering how to best to help your child?
  • Are health issues or developmental disorders holding your child back?

Imagine how it would feel to see your child happy and healthy and in tune with life!

Multiple bestselling author Marci Shimoff shares some simple techniques to help you raise your happiness set-point, bringing you to the realization that happiness is a choice – and the lack of it is not your destiny! Learn how to achieve happiness because happy people are way more successful than unhappy people. Jennifer Hough, life coach and best selling co-author of 2 books, creator of the popular “Get Out of Your Own Way™ and “Personal Mastery of Awakening” courses helps awaken individuals to their true brilliance. Our topic: the New Children. Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary and the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing – a method that provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming to the original blueprint so that healing or learning may occur organically. With forty years experience of working with parents from New York’s inner city to Wall Street executives to laid back Californians Sandi Schwartz now helps families move past daily battles and transforms discipline from control and punishment to joyful cooperation. Our topic: Indigo Children Melissa Schwartz is an Adult Indigo who enjoyed a successful career as a destination wedding photographer. She now works with teenagers to help them transcend life’s natural challenges and turn their intensity and sensitivity into their greatest gifts. Jerry Mintz is the founder and director of AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) and has dedicated his life to creating and spreading democratic alternatives to traditional public schools. Innovative teacher with an additional certification as a “Learning Coach” talks about the public school 2.0, the most innovative initiatives in Germany. Kimberly Smith, M.A. Ed. is a public school teacher on a mission to help change education from the inside out after a life changing awakening experience. Passionate and innovative educator Zahra Lightway is a co-creator of new educational paradigms and the learning platform “Seeding The Future NOW”, dedicated to helping teachers and parents step up to the new challenges. Kellyann Conway is a Sound Healer and Spiritual Counselor focused on supporting children in using their unique gifts. She is also the founder of Blue Gaia; an organization dedicated to the highly sensitive, LBGT, or aged-out foster kids and young adults that live in our city parks From computer science to brain science – Rodger Bailey has created a revolutionary concept of helping children with developmental disorders as well as individuals with brain injuries. Ellen Hayakawa is a pioneer in the field of spirituality in the workplace and has now shifted her focus on educating parents, teachers and health care professionals about spiritually gifted children. Dr Sarah Farrant DC of VitalMoms.com is an international speaker, mentor and award winning author of The Vital Truth®. Dr Sarah is dedicated to helping family’s move away from the treatment merry-go-round by giving them a new way to look at health. Beth Lambert is the author of “A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children”, offering enlightening information on how to heal our children. Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN, also known as ‘The Brain Lady’, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a board certified Neurofeedback practitioner specialized in helping children with ADHD and other learning challenges. Host of the popular interview series “Life Skills For Kids”, Margaret Ashley is an entrepreneur, single parent and inspired educator who has worked on many levels of education facilitating skills not taught in schools. Len Histon is the creator of the Wizzdom Game, a collection of 32 simple games that help improve classroom behavior as well as academic performance – a fun filled approach to personal growth! Jill Hope has designed and developed several unique and innovative programs addressing bullying at its core by helping children and adults to find their power within. Andrew Hewitt is the Bestselling author of The Power of Focus for College Students, International Speaker & Popular Presenter on the University Circuit, and Donald Trump’s College & Career Expert. Kent is a multi-talented entrepreneur with 6 published books before his 25th birthday, among them “Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School” Bobbi DePorter is president of Quantum Learning Network (QLN), a leading education company dedicated to engaged effective learning that has impacted the lives of over 10 million students Debra Poneman is the founder of the extremely successful Yes to Success Seminars. As mentor to many renown transformational leaders she shares practical tools to help children thrive. A qualified Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, with a Masters in Education Suzy Miller has transcended limits of how we perceive autism and is helping children and parents alike to new levels of understanding. Following his passion of scouting basketball talents in his senior year, straight A-student Daniel Poneman dropped out as he felt that high school was a waste of his time and fulfilled neither his intellectual nor entrepreneurial needs. With her revolutionary understanding of the brain as the CEO of our body, Anat Baniel uses movement to help people overcome disabilities as well as physical, cognitive and emotional pain and limitation to reach new levels of performance and success.

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Our world has changed – most of our schools haven’t!

A stressed mind preoccupied with issues of health, relationships or worried about the grades in the next test cannot learn at full capacity. If you wish to succeed on the outside, find the beauty in the inside first! Learn and teach your child what innovative educators, health professionals and social entrepreneurs have uncovered to help you and your children thrive on all levels.

These interviews are priceless, Astrid! I find all this information on how we can empower our children and CHANGE the course of their lives so valuable – information from experienced experts on ways of learning and ways that really work, that have worked for them and lots of people!
Thank you again, for compiling all that important information for us and everyone interested in turning around what can be turned around!
~ Elizabeth BattenbergLeadersoftheworldindialog.com


If you want the best for your child then don’t miss out on:

  • Life Skills for Kids that schools usually ignore
  • how to take charge of your health
  • how to develop beauty on the inside to develop success on the outside.
  • how to transform the challenges of ADHD, autism or developmental disorders into gifts
  • why and when dropping out of school may be best for your child
  • young and successful -rethinking formal education
  • personal growth through fun filled play at home, in schools, in companies
  • the incredible abilities our children are born with and what happens when they go unrecognized
  • raising self acceptance, confidence and inner strengths in your child
  • a quantum leap in learning by accessing Universal Consciousness

… and so much more

I love these interviews, they are so powerful and enlightening. I use some of the tools that I pick up here along the way with the children that I work with in primary school. This work is so needed and it has given me the courage to move things forward for these children that so desperately need to connect to their own inner wisdom. Thank you for all ~ Lesley Beal

The old ways not longer serve us to thrive in our tumultuous times! Give yourself and your children the advantage of learning from the cutting edge.

It’s F*R.E.E, it’s fun, it’s informative and if education on many more levels than just academics is important to you, then it’s time well invested.

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