About your host

A visionary educator (K5-12) and gifted telesummit host, Astrid Witt has served thousands of listeners redefine the way they look at education. Blending her experience in school systems on three different continents with her spirituality and compassion for children, she inspires parents and teachers alike to appreciate the uniqueness of every child – turning breakdowns into breakthroughs and consternation into joyful cooperation!   

As a global citizen, Astrid helps you to understand the challenges and opportunities that global change is having on education, and gives you the strategies, ideas and tools to put you and your child in the driver’s seat for their education and their as well as our planet’s future.  

Having grown up between Germany, Cuba, Ghana and Central America in very different school systems speaking different languages, she later worked in Spain before finally founding a family in Germany. As a mom of four she followed her husband for an extended stay to the US, helping her (non-English speaking) children to successfully find their feet in the American school system, before ultimately returning to Germany and resume teaching. With her own children grown up, she is now committed to changing the way children experience schools by integrating her personal experience with the cutting edge research on learning and a heart centered responsibility for our environment..

She is a sought after speaker booked by schools and parent organizations offering a research based perspective on how the brain learns and what consequences this should have for our educational systems.

“It is heartbreaking to see how enthusiastic and curious kids come into school and then watch these same children become disinterested and rebellious eighth graders as a reaction to traditional teaching.”

Some of the most innovative schools prove that it is not puberty that creates this effect – it is what and how we teach, not to mention vital life skills we fail to teach.